CEF2 Study Workshop

The new Connecting Europe Facility (CEF2 Digital) aims to underpin investments in very high capacity and 5G-ready fixed and mobile infrastructure to homes, schools and hospitals, highways and local communities, by investing €3 bln in EU funds for strategic digital infrastructure projects.The Commission proposes to invest €3 bln in EU funds for strategic digital infrastructure projects under CEF2.

In order to support the development of its CEF2 Digital programme, the Commission has tasked a consortium to prepare a study to analyse potential market failures in digital infrastructures, assess which players could benefit from EU subsidies, and how funding schemes could be structured and combined with funding and financing from other public and private sources in order to maximise the benefits for the European economy and society.

In this study workshop, the project team will present their preliminary results of the study and seek feedback on the options identified.

The European Commission will also provide an overview of the results of the ongoing public consultation on CEF2 Digital.

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  • 01/10/2019