Bauhaus Now & Green Deal | Architecture & Sustainability

The EU has set itself high, green goals which underline the “Green Deal”. Thus the EU calls for everyone to take the course towards CO2 neutrality, environmental protection and consistent promotion of “greener” projects. The “New European Bauhaus” initiative therefore sparked euphoria, especially among architects and artists.

The initiative is unsurprising and meets the spirit of the times, but the announcement of the “New European Bauhaus” is triggered downright euphoria, especially among Europe’s architects. But what do Bauhaus and the “Green Deal” have in common? Where will the New European Bauhaus lead us? Will it finally answer the question of what sustainable and resilient architecture is? The evening “Bauhaus now & Green Deal” at the IBA-Plant invites experts from the New European Bauhaus High-Level Roundtable as well as local architects to talk about the initiative, to discuss the professional situation and to seek answers for a green common ground. Will the New European Bauhaus inspire the quality and quantity of building and creating in the Greater Region, in the cross-border heart of the EU?

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