The Tampere City Strategy, City of Action, aims for 2030. The City of Action focuses both on individuals and doing things together. The goal is to make Tampere city of the future. The city’s role is to create opportunities, act as a platform for doing things together and support equal opportunities for every resident to pursue self-realisation. The city strategy is the primary document guiding the city’s operations and it creates the foundation for the city’s strategic management and development. Focus areas of the strategy are:


Tampere is the best place to grow, develop and age. In Tampere, everyone can be themselves and make their dreams come true. 


Tampere shows the direction for the community of the future. Tampere’s diverse communities and companies feed wellbeing, creativity and innovation. Together we can make a brighter tomorrow. 


Tampere is internationally known for its impressive work on climate and biodiversity. Making sustainable choices is easy in the city – its appeal comes from the smoothness of everyday life. 


Tampere continues its success story; it provides the best conditions for making the solutions of the future. Tampere has a strong position as an international city of science and know-how.

The whole strategy and the practical actions to implement the strategy are available here. You can find the web page of Tampere city from here.