With the sustainable development objectives of Tampere the city strives for supporting the well-being of the environment by acting in an ecologically, socially, culturally and economically sustainable manner, to be carbon neutral in 2030, and to value nature, conserve natural resources and reduce emissions. The program is supported by Carbon neutral Tampere 2030 Roadmap that presents 236 measures that various city units have decided to take to achieve carbon neutrality in Tampere. The guidelines for achieving the goal are divided into six themes:

Sustainable mobility and city structure

Tampere will be a pioneer in sustainable urban planning, mobility and working methods. The city will be prepared for risks resulting from climate change. The living environment will be safe, healthy and comfortable.

Sustainable housing and construction

Residential areas will be attractive and unique, and they will promote sustainable lifestyles and participation. Easy access to nature will promote the well-being of residents. With construction activities, we will create conditions for safe, healthy and comfortable living.

Sustainable production and consumption of energy

Energy sources will be low in emissions. Energy will be utilised efficiently as smart heating, cooling and electricity networks, energy storages and smart buildings will work in conjunction with each other. In addition, smart solutions and energy services will decrease electricity and heating consumption peaks.

Sustainable consumption and materials economy

The principles of circular economy will direct the use of materials. The city will support sustainable consumption solutions for its residents.

Sustainable urban nature

Natural resources will be used sustainably, and carbon sinks will be strengthened. Biodiversity and the amount of green urban areas will be increased, and nature tourism further developed.

Good state of the environment

The full life cycle environmental impacts of the operations will be identified and managed throughout the entire city organisation. The state of the environment will be constantly
monitored and improved. The monitoring data will be publicly available and available to be used in decision-making.

Read more about the Sustainable Tampere 2030 programme from here and find the guidelines for the programme from here. You can find the web page of Tampere city from here.