Tampere Region’s smart specialisation strategy (S3) describes the areas of expertise in which the region has special scientific, technological and industrial capabilities and which provide the foundation for the growth of the regional economy, employment and internationalisation. The main objective of specialisation is to make effective use of the skills base for creating new innovations and business activities, improving employment, raising the region’s profile and increasing cooperation. The main focus areas of the Tampere Region S3 are:

Responsible and sustainable industry transition

Tampere Region is aiming towards a carbon-neutral, fossil-independent economy and future. Expertise and technologies are used to refine internationally competitive and distributable solutions, concepts and products. The region strives for a leading role as an expert in, and developer of, responsible industries.

Smart and sustainable communities

Tampere Region is strengthening its position as a developer, implementer and business partner for the smart features of the technical infrastructure. The core of this is a safer and more efficient, functional, environmentally-friendly and human-centered infrastructure.

Wellness technologies and services

Tampere Region features a multidisciplinary and networked approach to social and health care services that responds to customer needs in a timely manner and strengthens inclusion. It integrates this with technology-intensive cutting-edge sectors such as advanced treatments, human spare parts and artificial senses and with supporting digitalisation and innovation activities.

Culture and the digital experience sector

Experiences from the fields of performing arts, event production and design have been transformed into business activities and a growth industry that makes use of research, development and innovation activities, digital opportunities and world-class event spaces. By engineering collisions between creative and more traditional industries, for example through gamification, we promote the development of new practices in fields such as nursing, teaching and marketing.

Read the whole smart specialisation strategy of Tampere Region from here. The web page of the Council of Tampere Region you can find here.