Data Driven City for Citizens is a development programme that aims to increase the well-being of citizens, develop the city’s competences, strenghten the vitality of the region and promote new business opportunities through data and sustainable digital transformation. The programme is set for 2021 – 2025.

City of Tampere’s goal is to harness data and AI as tools that help to improve the way the city provides urban services for its residents. This human-centered approach helps better target the city’s services to residents when needed.

The programme’s flagship targets:

  • Business services: Utilising data in order to recognize companies’ different conditions and offer tailor-made services for them. The goal is also to be able to predict future trends by data.
  • International Tampere: Data and artificial intelligence supporting smooth and human-centered immigration and integration.
  • School paths: Utilising data to reduce inequality from early childhood education to working life. Strenghtening information management helps targetting services better.
  • The city of pedestrians: Utilising functional concepts from SURE project to improve the feeling of safety among pedestrians in the city centre.
  • Recipes for sustainable city: Utilising data and artificial intelligence to build more ecologically sustainable urban areas.

More information (in Finnish) here.

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